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Carpet Installation Tips

Carpet Installation Instructions & Notes

This pre-formed, molded carpet is made of heavy-weight 16oz. carpet or 80/20 loop carpet combined with 40oz. padding. This combination creates a beautiful, long-wearing carpet. This weight together with it's special backing gives this vehicle carpet "Mold Memory". After the carpet is installed it continues to shape itself to the contours of your floor. Remember, when you remove the carpet from the shipping carton the weight of the carpet and padding will cause it to flatten. Once it's on the floor of the vehicle, it's "Mold Memory" returns to shape.

You'll need a good pair of scissors to complete your installation, we purposely trim our carpet kits to allow you a margin of error.


  • Some late model vehicles have a catalytic converter shield on the floor. Don't remove the shield, install carpet over it. Catalytic converters get really hot.
  • If you ordered Loop Weave Material - use care when placing screws through carpet, as the loop tends to grab the screw and pulls out in a line of continuous tufts.
  • If your car is a GM from 1958 to 1964, you'll find that the gas pedal can be taken off by lifting pedal off sideways. Don't try this while driving! This will permit easier installation of the front carpet. When replacing the pedal, simply force it back on with your hands or foot.
  • In many later vehicles it may be necessary to remove the front seat to install your new carpet. The seat can be unbolted from the car floor. Work from inside of the car and remove the bolts that are located in the seat tracks.
  • Some vehicles have a one piece carpet covering front and rear of the floor. To simplify installation and positioning we may manufacture two separate units, front and rear. They will neatly overlap in any exposed area.
  • In many vehicles, seat belt mounts will not affect carpet installation. In other vehicles seat belt floor brackets will have to be removed. Sometimes these are held with standard bolts or nuts, sometimes they are held with a specialty bolt that has a star shaped, recessed opening. these can sometimes be grasped and turned by vise-grip pliers. Otherwise, a auto supply store will have the star bits for sale (call the auto parts store first just in case). They are called Torx or star bits.

Remove the old carpet:

  • Remove screws from sill plats (the metal molding under each door). Most vehicles will require a phillips screwdriver to unscrew.
  • Remove accelerator pedal, if necessary.
  • Remove the new carpet from the box. Roll open and lay flat. This helps to remove any wrinkles that may have formed while the carpet was in the box. Allowing an hour or two is advised. Time for a beer break anyway.
  • Remove old carpet. Note: some later cars an additional insulation floor padding is used. Don't remove this padding.
  • Sweep or vacuum floor thoroughly before installing carpet.

To install your carpet follow these instructional steps:

If you purchased a carpet that requires holes for a floor shift, emergency brake or the 4-wheel drive transfer case the holes are not cut in order to allow you leeway in positioning the carpet. Caution: carpets with holes cut in the wrong place will not be acceptable for return. This procedure should be done carefully to avoid cutting holes in the wrong place.

  • Lay carpet flat then fold in half by pulling the front edge back over to meet rear edge.
  • Center folded carpet over the transmission hump just in front of the front seat.
  • Slowly unfold the carpet toward the front firewall.
  • When you reach a shift lever cut a small "X" shaped slit just large enough for the shift lever rod to fit through.
  • Lift the carpet up and slide it down over the lever through the "X" slit. Repeat if a second shift lever exists.
  • After the full installation of your carpet is complete, return to the shift levers and cut the holes larger.
  • Be careful not to cut the hole larger than the boot that will cover the area.
  • Use the same "X" slit system if your vehicle requires a cutout for the floor dimmer switch.
  • Center the carpet over the transmission hump and starting from the center of the hump, work out towards each side smoothing out wrinkles and pulling the carpet tight. Note: many people also prefer to use brush adhesive or spray adhesive on the floor to give a better, smoother fit which is less likely to move over time. After correct fit is determined, fold back sections of the carpet. Apply adhesive then smooth down and press into position.
  • On some carpets you will find slight excess of material on both sides at the sill plates. this is purposely included to provide for possible variations of individual installations. If excess exists on your car, merely trim it off with scissors.
  • Slip ends of carpet under sill plate on each side. Replace sill plate and screws.
  • Replace accelerator pedal and smooth out carpet so that it lies flat.
  • Your done! Congratulations you just increased your vehicles resale value! Time for a beer… Ahhhaaa.
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