1996 Dodge Intrepid 4 Door Carpet 1270-96

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1996 Dodge Intrepid Custom Molded Carpet

1996 Dodge Intrepid 4 Door Carpet
Item #: 1270-96 | Piece Count: 1

American Made replacement carpet that meets or exceeds the quality of the original Dodge Intrepid carpet. This 1996 Dodge Intrepid carpet is custom molded and manufactured per order. After we receive your order we heat mold your choice of material to your Intrepid's floor pan specifications. Most orders are manufactured within two days of your auto carpet order. We pride ourselves with an average 2 day turnaround time for custom car carpet from when you place your order to shipment. This Intrepid carpet is manufactured in the USA and ships direct from the factory to you. Most of our carpets are in our customer's hands within 12 days or less (depending on what part of the country you are located in, see Shipping Information for more exact time frames).

Because each order is custom molded just for you, the picture shown is an only an example of what your molded carpet will look like. It does not represent exactly what your Dodge Intrepid carpet will look like.

Professional Secret: Use caution when buying a molded auto carpet or a molded truck carpet from retail parts stores… if car molded carpet sits on a shelf for any length of time the shape of the carpet will change making it difficult to install and fit in your Intrepid. Our automotive carpet and vinyl floors are molded as you order them and Never stocked on a shelf.

Unsure of your original color? A selection of materials and colors that match your 1996 Dodge Intrepid original interior may be listed above.

Dodge Intrepid floor mats may be available in these same materials and colors.

Carpet Features

  • Heavy Cut Jute padding is attached to the back of the carpet on all of the floor pan areas providing extra heat insulation and reducing road noise at the same time.
  • If Dodge originally included a heal pad on a 1996 Intrepid then this replacement carpet will also have a heal pad in the correct location.
  • If your Dodge Intrepid has a floor headlight dimmer switch then a grommet will be included.
  • Sewn color matching vinyl binding for the exposed edges of the carpet that are not covered by trim or hidden under the firewall provides clean edges without frayed ends.
  • Carpet will cover from the Intrepid's firewall to underneath the rear seat.
  • For installation flexibility, holes will need to be cut, as needed, when you install this carpet in your Dodge Intrepid.
  • Mass backing is made of a heavy EVA rubber backing that is attached to the carpet. It is available for an extra charge. Mass Backing provides sound deadening as well as insulation benefits. Mass Backing is only available on 80/20 Loop and Cut Pyle Materials.

Details how this carpet is made

Our car carpets are the finest available. This specific carpet is heat molded to a 1996 Dodge Intrepid specific floor pan specifications for the exact original Dodge factory fit. All of our carpet is custom made at the time you order it. Typically within 48 hours of your order. Carpets generally arrive no longer than 14 days after your order is placed.

This car carpet is dyed in a continuous range operation with special chemicals added to reduce fading, in many cases far outlasting the Intrepid original carpets. It is also tested for ozone humidity fading and lightfastness for maximum lifespan. This new carpet will add resale value to your Dodge Intrepid, you will be amazed how clean and fresh your Intrepid's interior will feel. This carpet is the highest quality aftermarket carpet available in the industry. We use Computer-aided, cutting-edge manufacturing processes and the strict quality control to ensure this Dodge Intrepid carpet will fit perfectly!

Easy Installation.

Carpet installation is a breeze because our carpets are molded to fit your car just like the original carpet. No special tools or glue required. Glue will firmly secure the carpet but because of the molded shape it is not necessary. Carpets can be installed easily in one afternoon using basic tools. Includes illustrated instructions.

Also note

  • Contact us to request a color sample.
  • The material colors shown above appear different on every computer monitor. This is because of the thousands of monitor brands, and monitor settings. If a exact carpet color is vital we strongly suggest that you request a carpet sample.
  • For installation some trimming may be required around the doors - the excess is intentional allowing for variances.
  • This carpet does not include door panel covering.
  • In some cases a carpet's pile height may not be as high as OEM.
  • This item ships UPS Oversized.
  • Rest assured this car carpet is guaranteed to not have any manufacturing defects.
  • In the rare occurrence of a manufacturing defect we will promptly replace or refund as per our Return Policy.
  • This carpet is custom made per order in the United States of America to extremely high standards and inspected prior to delivery.
  • Cargo areas are included only if the title of this item says "complete". Some cars have a separate Cargo Area carpet product. Contact us Cargo Area to inquire for a specific cargo area carpet.